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Lemon Law Testimonials

“We were being completely taken advantage of by a major auto manufacturer. It was intimidating and overwhelming. We needed help.

We contacted Eric and this firm. From start to finish Eric explained things to us, kept us informed and didn’t take any BS from the manufacturer or their high priced attorneys.

Eric took care of everything. From start to finish. We got all of our money back from the lemon. His fees are fair. I can’t recommend him enough.

My gratitude and appreciation are beyond measure.”

— Yelp – Dave C.

“After speaking with other attorneys who handle lemon law, I was impressed from the outset with Young & Young. Eric walked me through the whole process and explained everything step-by-step. I will definitely recommend to family and friends who end up with a lemon!”

— Yelp – Katie H.

“Great personalized service from a well experienced set of attorneys. I had some bad experiences with my car and Eric took care of everything and got me a great result. The process was explained to me very well and made me feel at ease. I would definitely recommend this law firm to all of my friends and family. Thanks again for everything.”

— Yelp – Colin P.

“If you are looking for a firm to help you settle issues with your car, look no further! I have relied on this firm for years. Always very accessible and informative. They don’t beat around the bush, and are as straight forward and professional as they come. It’s great to have an attorney that keeps you in the loop and helps you understand every step of the process. I recently had some issues, and consulted with attorney Eric Young. He is very personable, and took the time to answer all of my questions and made sure that I was aware of all of my options. I highly recommend!”

— Yelp – Troy E.

“Overall very good experience. The team at Young & Young is very knowledgeable and responsive. I would recommend this firm to anyone with a possible lemon law case.”

— Yelp – Austin B.

“I would like to thank Eric Young from Young and Young law firm for handling our lemon law case. I am very grateful to have had him on our side. He did a very good job, kept me well-informed at all times and we won our case! Thank you again Eric. If ever needed in the future I will definitely call. I highly recommend you to anyone that needs help.”

— Yelp – Joshua K.

“I’m so glad that I found the best lemon law lawyer in California. After having repeated troubles with my car, I decided to contact a lemon law attorney to help me. I was a bit unsure of what to do, as this was all new to me, but after contacting Eric I was much more comfortable.

Eric’s knowledge and professionalism were impressive right off the bat, and he kept me informed and explained everything throughout the process. I wasn’t sure if anyone would take my case, but I could not have asked for a better result! I would recommend this firm to anyone that bought, or thinks they’ve bought, a lemon. These attorneys are very experienced, and it shows. Thanks again!”

— Yelp – Jared B.

“The attorneys at young and young have been a pleasure to work with. At first I was unsure of the process but they put me immediately at ease. I did not know how personable an attorney could be and I appreciated the client’s first mentality. I would highly recommend this firm to my friends and family. Thanks again!”

— Yelp – Dana O.

“The attorneys with this firm are amazing. If you are looking for people to really help you out with your vehicle issue this is a really great place to go. I would highly recommend checking them out if you think you might have a lemon.”

— Yelp – Ryan S.

“I decided to contact a lemon law lawyer after I continued to have problems with my car. I would recommend this firm to anyone that thinks they might have a lemon. These attorneys are very experienced and I could not have asked for a better result!”

— Yelp – Kim H.

“Definitely give Young & Young a shout if you think your car is a lemon. I was having problems with my car but wasn’t sure if I really had a case. I gave these guys a call based on their Yelp reviews and was stoked I did. Eric really heard me out and came to the conclusion I had a strong lemon law case. His experience and knowledge of the lemon law really impressed me. Do yourself a favor and give these guys a call if you think you have a lemon. I highly recommend working with Young & Young.”

— Yelp – Steve M.

“It was a pleasure working with Young & Young. Eric kept me informed during the entire process. He always returned my calls and emails the same day, which was amazing. I am completely satisfied with my reached settlement and attribute the wonderful resolution that we reached to Eric Young.

If you are looking for a professional firm to handle your case that will keep your best interest at the forefront, please give Young & Young a call. You will not be disappointed.”

— Yelp – Alisa I.

“I’ve had trouble with my car and didn’t think twice about the possibility that it could be a “lemon”. I went to the dealership and they patched me up, but when I heard that it could be a bigger issue, I reached out to Eric at Young & Young. From the start he was honest and upfront. His knowledge and understanding gave me a peace of mind and ultimately resulted in a settlement.

I would highly recommend reaching out and asking questions because you never know what can come out of it!”

— Yelp – Doug A.

“I had a lemon law issue with my Hyundai, reached out to Young and Young. Best decision ever. My case was handled professionally and I’m very satisfied with the outcome of my case. Eric Young always took my call or returned my call whenever I had questions. If you ever are in need of a great professional lemon law attorney I would recommend this firm. Some other firms I contacted prior to hiring this firm the attorney would not even speak to me they had a para legal talk to me, I didn’t feel like my case was important to them. However Mr. Eric Young took every one of my calls from the beginning to the end and worked very hard to get my case resolved.”

— Yelp – Michele V.

“Eric Young had provided the best service I have experienced. He helped me got all my money back with a very difficult manufacturer. Eric was very professional and responsive. He would follow up with me for any update and responded within a day. I am very pleased to have him as my attorney for my case. I would recommend anyone who needs a lemon law attorney to contact him.”

— Yelp – Son N.

“Can’t tell you how helpful Eric has been to me. His knowledge and professionalism are top notch. He’s helped me so much during the frustrating period of dealing with my vehicle. I hope I don’t have to deal with a vehicle like that again but if I do Eric and his team will be the first ones to call. Thanks again for all your help. Your knowledge and professionalism is outstanding”

— Yelp – Bryan M.

“Super responsive, honest about the time and process. I filled all the details on their website and Eric got back to me the same day. They did all the paperwork, and reached a settlement with Ford in less than 3 months! I reside in the San Francisco bay area and all communication was through email/phone. Highly recommended.”

— Yelp – Tiju J.

“Eric and his Team were phenomenal. After buying a car that I had worked years to purchase I was crushed when the car began to have problems that were completely unacceptable. After getting the run around from different dealerships, where I attempted to have the car repaired, I requested a vehicle buy-back on my own (total waste of time) and was ultimately turned down.

If I had to describe Eric and his team with one word, it would be THOROUGH. Eric meticulously assessed all of my service reports and receipts to get me the maximum settlement. Even after I received settlement, Eric discovered that I was entitled to additional compensation and revisited this with those responsible. While the process did take longer than expected, Eric aggressively followed up with opposing counsel to drive the process forward towards resolution. I could not be happier with the outcome and trust that Eric would be a great advocate for any of life’s future disputes.”

— Yelp – Aston F.

“Eric was clear about the process from start to finish and got Ford to buy back my Focus. The level of service is what sets them apart. Eric was quickly responsive when I had questions. He’s a very good lawyer and I would recommend anyone to him for lemon law issues.”

— Yelp – Todd Z.

“Eric and his team have just helped us finished our lemon law case against Tesla on our Model X. Eric has kept us informed and helped us prepare all necessary paperwork throughout the process, and answered all questions we have. We really appreciate Eric and his team and recommend them if you need to go through the lemon law process.”

— Yelp – Daniel C.

“I highly recommend Young & Young for anyone that has problems getting their car fixed. I finally got fed up with my car problems and Eric got me results! He clearly explained each step of the process. I felt comfortable knowing an expert was on my side. My only regret is that I did not call this firm sooner.”

— Yelp – John W.

“I could not be happier with the attorneys here especially John and Eric! I called them to explain the car issues my dad was experiencing and within the next day they contacted my Dad.

They will give you a peace of mind and be attentive to the problems you are experiencing. I can’t say enough great things about them! You will not be disappointed.”

— Yelp – Gabrielle T.

“Excellent service. Eric got my BMW bought back and I am so happy! Very professional, great at answering/returning calls
Would definitely hire again!”

— Yelp – Sheel P.
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