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Posted By | January 31, 2023 | Lemon Law

What Are the California Lemon Law Statutes?

Lemons are sour, like the taste left in your mouth when you realize you’ve spent good money on a product that doesn’t work. The word “lemon” has been used for over 100 years to describe a defective, malfunctioning, or badly designed product. It became synonymous with a defective car in 1960 thanks to a famous…

Posted By | September 26, 2022 | Lemon Law

The Dodge and Jeep Death Wobble

Dodge and Jeep vehicle owners have been dealing with the “death wobble” for over a decade. The “death wobble” is an uncontrollable shaking of the front suspension that occurs after the vehicle encounters common and expected road conditions causing the steering wheel to shake back and forth. This issue presents a serious safety hazard to…

Posted By | August 11, 2022 | Lemon Law

Toyota Safety Recall for 2023 Model Year bZ4X Vehicles

On June 23rd, 2022, Toyota announced a safety recall for their 2023 model year bZ4X vehicles. According to Toyota’s announcement, “After low-mileage use, all of the hub bolts on the wheel can loosen to the point where the wheel can detach from the vehicle.” If a vehicle’s wheels were to detach while driving on the…

Posted By | July 6, 2022 | Lemon Law

Class Action Lawsuit Against General Motors Alleges Known Transmission Defect

A class-action lawsuit filed against General Motors, LLC (“GM”) claims that certain 2015-2019 Chevrolet, Cadillac, and GMC vehicles are equipped with defective Hydra-Matic 8L90 and 8L45 eight-speed transmissions. Francis, et al. v. General Motors, LLC. The lawsuit alleges that the defective transmissions can cause the vehicles to shake and jolt violently. According to the lawsuit,…

Posted By | May 21, 2022 | Lemon Law

2022 Chevy Bolt Class Action Lawsuit

General Motors is facing a 2022 class-action lawsuit against their 2020-2022 model year Chevy Bolt EV and 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV vehicles. The lawsuit is accusing General Motors of the vehicles being unsafe as they are likely to catch on fire while parked due to a battery defect. Two recalls have been issued on all…