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Cadillac is one of the first luxury car brands to come into prominence in the United States, developing the first automobiles with closed cabins in 1910. They soon added the first crank-free car with electric ignition, sealing their reputation for opulence in the automotive industry. Sadly, today’s manufacturers don’t always live up to the standards this luxury division of General Motors began in its early days. Some Cadillac models roll out of the assembly line with built-in defects that keep them in the repair shop instead of on the road.


Reported Cadillac lemon law issues include: Engine, Suspension, Transmission, Steering, Electrical System, Brakes, Cooling System, and Air Bags.  Consumers report multiple defects in these areas, making some Cadillacs fall under California’s lemon law and their owners entitled to a replacement or buy-back from the manufacturer.

If you think your Cadillac is a lemon, the lemon law attorneys at Young & Young APC are ready to advocate aggressively on your behalf with no upfront costs to you. Call today for a free consultation to see if your Cadillac meets California’s lemon law standards.

Common Cadillac Defects Found in the Above Models

Buying a luxury vehicle like a Cadillac is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, but when your car continues to have problems that send it back to the dealer for fruitless attempts at repairs and may even compromise your safety, you deserve justice and compensation for your inconvenience, expense, and the potential hazards you may have faced while on the road. Common reported problems with the above Cadillac models include:

  • Engine stalling and loss of power
  • Unintended acceleration
  • Oil leaks
  • Loosening cross pins on the rear axle
  • Transmission shuddering and difficult shifting
  • Vibration problems
  • Power steering problems
  • Engine noise
  • Problems with the rear suspension
  • Rough idling
  • Steering column lock issues
  • Problems with the emissions system
  • Climate control system problems

When a luxury vehicle has one or more issues that keep in the repair shop it causes undue stress and hardship that you didn’t anticipate and don’t deserve. California’s lemon law might offer the solution.

When is a Car a Lemon Under California Law?

When a car continues to have the same repeated defects despite a reasonable number of attempts at repair, or at least two repair attempts for a defect that poses a safety risk, it’s a lemon under the criteria of California’s lemon law. When a vehicle has been in repair for 30 cumulative days during the first 18 months of ownership or during the first 18,000 miles, the manufacturer must buy it back or replace it according to the law as long as the following is true:

  • The vehicle is still under its original warranty
  • The problems aren’t due to driver error or mishandling
  • If the defect negatively impacts the car’s usability, reduces its value, or poses a safety hazard

If your Cadillac meets the above conditions, a California lemon law attorney can help.

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The team of skilled attorneys at Young & Young APC have over two decades of experience navigating lemon law. We strongly believe that everyone deserves to get the safe, reliable new vehicle they’re promised when they buy or lease. We take on powerful motor vehicle manufacturers to ensure you get the compensation you deserve for the expense, stress, and inconvenience you’ve suffered with a lemon. Call or contact our California lemon law attorneys today for a free consultation so we can begin evaluating your Cadillac lemon law case.