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Do you drive a 2015+ Infiniti vehicle?

Reported Infiniti lemon law issues include: Engine, Suspension, Transmission, Steering, Electrical System, Cooling System, and Air Bags.

The Nissan Infiniti is the Japanese manufacturer’s premium luxury vehicle first marketed in the United States in 1989. Infiniti is known for cutting-edge technology but despite Infiniti’s status as a high-end and high-performance vehicle, several models have experienced numerous recalls and are prone to defects that can result in multiple failed repair attempts, many days in repair shops, and even significant safety risks to drivers and passengers.

California’s lemon law protects buyers from defective vehicles. If your Infiniti qualifies as a lemon, you’re entitled to a manufacturer buyback, replacement vehicle, or refund. The lemon law attorneys at Young & Young APC of California have over 20 years of experience navigating complex lemon law claims with an over 99% success rate for our clients. We have deep compassion for clients who buy a car and expect the dependable transportation they’ve paid for, only to find themselves with an unrepairable vehicle that spends more time in the shop than on the road. Contact our Los Angeles lemon law firm today for a free consultation.

Common Problems With Infiniti

Infiniti is a stylish vehicle with a high-end price tag. Most consumers expect to get high-end performance for their money, but unfortunately, some Infiniti models come with serious defects including:

  • Brake failure
  • Engine seizure
  • Loss of steering control
  • Fuel leaks
  • Electrical system problems
  • Shuddering transmission
  • Collision avoidance system malfunction
  • Faulty engine cooling system
  • Engine starter failure
  • Backup camera malfunction
  • Valve system failures
  • Speed control dropping gears
  • Premature tire and brake wear
  • Chipping paint

If your Infiniti has had one or more recurring problems despite multiple repair attempts and it’s still under factory warranty, you are entitled to a buyback, replacement, or refund through a California lemon law claim.

Infiniti models Q50, Q60, QX50, QX55, QX60, and QX80 have all been named in California lemon law claims.

What Qualifies My Infiniti as a Lemon?

According to California’s lemon law, your vehicle qualifies for a claim under the following circumstances:

  • It’s undergone a reasonable number (at least 4) of repair attempts on a faulty part or system and is still defective
  • It’s had two or more repair attempts on a recurring problem that’s a significant safety risk, such as brake or steering malfunctions
  • It’s spent a total of 30 or more days in repair (days don’t have to be consecutive)

If your Infiniti meets any of the above conditions and is still under warranty you have a right to make a lemon law claim in California. The lemon law applies to purchased new vehicles, leased vehicles, or used vehicles still under factory warranty and not sold “as is.”

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If you bought or leased an Infiniti and experienced repeated failed repair attempts, you deserve a replacement vehicle, refund, or settlement. The experienced attorneys at Young & Young APC understand the frustration that comes with a vehicle that’s constantly out for repairs and the serious safety hazards that some recurring repair problems present to families. You deserve skilled representation by a firm that specializes in California lemon law with experience defending the rights of Infiniti buyers. Reach out to our office today for a free consultation so we can begin working on your claim.