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The idea of taking on a powerful motor vehicle manufacturer may be intimidating, but thanks to California’s lemon laws, Volkswagen owners don’t have to be stuck driving a faulty, unsafe vehicle. The state’s lemon laws are in place to give consumers a workable option for seeking redress for a faulty product. This law holds manufacturers responsible when they produce a vehicle with faulty parts, design flaws, or unsafe equipment failures.

If you bought a Volkswagen, you probably expected a reliable vehicle that you could count on to transport you and your family safely. But if your Volkswagen spends more time in the shop than on the road, you shouldn’t have to take a loss on a car you bought in good faith. The California lemon law lawyers at Young & Young, APC offer free case evaluations so we can strategize the best option for dealing with your lemon.

Common Problems With Volkswagens

Volkswagens have a reputation for quality and reliability. Sadly, the manufacturer has also developed a reputation for factory recalls and vehicles with persistent problems requiring costly repairs that repeatedly fail.

Reported Volkswagen lemon law issues include frustrating repeated problems with:

  • Engines
  • Suspension
  • Transmission
  • Steering shaft problems that begin with loud noises when making turns and may cause a steering system failure
  • Electrical system
  • Cooling system
  • Air bag failure
  • Oil leaks before 50,000 miles, often in the valve cover gaskets and cooler lines
  • Parking brake failure
  • Broken intake manifolds

Repeated problems with Volkswagen part failures and design flaws as well as problems that pose serious safety risks to drivers and passengers mean many Volkswagen models qualify for the Lemon Law in California. A successful lemon law claim can help a Volkswagen owner recover their losses with a vehicle buy-back, a replacement vehicle, or cash compensation.

Does My Volkswagen Qualify as a Lemon?

When a consumer buys a vehicle in good faith only to find defects, safety issues, and repeated repair problems, the state’s civil code: §1793.2 et seq provides that manufacturers must buy back the car, replace the vehicle, or refund the consumer. Your Volkswagen may qualify for a California Lemon Law claim under the following circumstances:

  • If you’ve taken the vehicle for repairs for the same non-safety related problem 4 or more times
  • If the vehicle problem or failure is a significant safety risk and hasn’t been repaired after 2 attempts
  • If the vehicle has spent 30 or more days in the repair shop (not necessarily consecutively)

If your Volkswagen meets the above requirements for a lemon law claim, the attorneys at Young & Young, APC may help you file your claim and increase your chances of achieving the most favorable outcome.

Large, powerful vehicle manufacturers like Volkswagen may offer arbitration or other solutions that are not in your best interests. Reach out to Young & Young, APC today for a lemon law attorney to defend your rights and best interests throughout the claim process.

You bought a vehicle in good faith and shouldn’t be left holding a lemon.