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The optimal outcome for all transactions would be for consumers to get what they pay for. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. When it’s a big-ticket item like a new vehicle, it’s especially distressing. If your new, leased, or used car, truck, or SUV spends more time in the repair shop than transporting you and your loved ones to work, school, and weekend activities, you may have purchased a lemon. Thankfully, you don’t need to be stuck with a lemon even when manufacturers suggest endless failed repair attempts. The California Lemon Law protects consumers in these circumstances.

A Lemon Law lawyer in Anaheim is ready to defend your rights against powerful vehicle manufacturers who don’t have your family’s best interests at heart. Call Young & Young APC for a free evaluation of your California lemon law case.

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The attorneys at Young & Young APC understand the frustration and distress caused by an unreliable vehicle. Our team aggressively represents Anaheim Lemon Law clients in their interactions with car manufacturers to hold them accountable for financial losses and for compromising your safety by selling you a defective vehicle. We offer the following advantages for your lemon law claim:

  • A fast response to your free case evaluation with no need for in-office meetings
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  • Years of litigation experience for a strong, confident voice behind your rights under the California Lemon Law
  • A history of recovering millions of dollars for our clients

When your car is a lemon, you need fast action with a fair resolution so you can get back on the road. At Young & Young APC, we treat every client’s case as a high priority with individualized attention.

What Is a Lemon?

The term “lemon” has long been used to describe something unpalatable. It became synonymous with faulty vehicles beginning with a 1960s Volkswagen ad assuring consumers that VW’s quality control department caught defective vehicles before they went to the dealership. The ad featured a photo of a Volkswagen bug with the single word—Lemon. Today, when a significant defect makes your vehicle unsafe, unreliable, or lowers its value, it’s considered a lemon under the terms of the Lemon Law.

What’s commonly known as California’s Lemon Law is contained in California Civil Code §1793.22 which states:

§1793.22 requires vehicle manufacturers to replace a new vehicle, or make restitution to the consumer if, after making a reasonable number of attempts to repair it, the vehicle does not conform to applicable warranties.”

Because California’s Lemon Law uses the ambiguous description “reasonable number of repair attempts” what is or isn’t a lemon under the law was originally open to interpretation. Fortunately, court rulings have clarified the law’s presumption of a lemon.

Defining California Lemon Law Presumption

Lemon Law presumption is similar in most states, but each has specific requirements for the court to presume a vehicle is a lemon. Under California’s Lemon Law presumption, a vehicle is a lemon under the following circumstances:

  • The vehicle repair attempts were covered under the original factory warranty
  • The repair problem wasn’t caused by misusing or abusing the vehicle
  • The vehicle has undergone four or more repair attempts
  • The vehicle has had two or more failed repair attempts for a problem that is a safety hazard
  • The vehicle has been in repair shops for 30 days (not necessarily consecutive days)
  • The repair attempts for the defect or malfunction occurred within the first 18 months of delivery or during the first 18,000 miles driven
  • When the repair attempts occurr after the “presumption period,” but still within the manufacturer’s original warranty period, your vehicle may still qualify as a lemon

California’s Lemon Law presumption applies to all cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles. If your vehicle fits the above qualifications, the law in California presumes it’s a lemon because the defect impairs the vehicle’s use, safety, or value.

What Are My Rights Under the California Lemon Law?

California’s consumer protection laws compel powerful vehicle manufacturers to live up to the warranties on their vehicles. When a vehicle has a significant, unrepairable defect, the manufacturer must resolve the matter by issuing a refund, buyback, replacement vehicle or cash compensation.

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