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An unreliable, unsafe vehicle shouldn’t be on the road endangering lives. It also shouldn’t be stuck in the garage or constantly in the repair shop due to repeated failed repair attempts on a persistent problem. Fortunately, California has consumer protections in place for those who bought a vehicle in good faith only to find that a significant defect or malfunction that reduces the vehicle’s use, value, or safety. A Lemon Law claim in Newport Beach holds powerful manufacturers accountable for selling a lemon.

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Our Newport Beach Lemon Law Firm has decades of experience and a winning track record to put a strong voice behind your claim. Instead of navigating a claim alone, let the skilled attorneys at Young & Young APC give your California Lemon Law the following advantages:

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  • A 99-percent success rate in holding manufacturers accountable for selling a lemon to a consumer instead of a safe, reliable vehicle

The Newport Beach Lemon Law lawyers at Young & Young APC have a deep knowledge base and decades of experience in handling claims for our clients.

How Do I Know If My Vehicle Is a Lemon?

Any car can have a defect or repair problem, but when a vehicle undergoes multiple attempts at repairs yet the problem persists, you may suspect you have a lemon. Under California Civil Code §1793.22, the manufacturer of your vehicle must provide compensation for your losses. The law states the following:

§1793.22 requires vehicle manufacturers to replace a new vehicle, or make restitution to the consumer if, after making a reasonable number of attempts to repair it, the vehicle does not conform to applicable warranties.”

Many car owners are unsure if their defective vehicle qualifies as a lemon due to the indeterminate language of the law. How many repair failures equal a “reasonable attempt?” Under California legal precedent, a car, truck, or SUV is a lemon if it meets the following qualifications:

  • It’s repair attempts were covered under its manufacturer’s warranty period
  • The repair problem didn’t occur due to deliberate or accidental misuse of the vehicle
  • It’s undergone at least four repair attempts, or
  • It’s had two or more failed repair attempts for a problem that is a safety hazard
  • The vehicle has been off the road for 30 or more days (not necessarily consecutive days)

If you still have questions about whether or not your car qualifies for a California Lemon Law refund, buyback, or replacement vehicle, a free case consultation with the Newport Beach Lemon Law attorneys at Young & Young APC can help.

Does the California Lemon Law Apply to All Types of Vehicles?

In California, the Lemon Law applies to all cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles with the above qualifications that fit the Lemon Law presumption. As long as the vehicle’s repairs were covered under its original factory warranty, the California Lemon Law compels the manufacturer to make things right. Pre-owned and leased vehicles may also qualify for a Lemon Law buyback.

Pre-owned Vehicles:

Your used vehicle may qualify for a Lemon Law claim if the the vehicle was sold with a written warranty issued at the time of sale and the repair attempts were covered under the original manufacturer’s warranty.

Leased Vehicles:

Your leased vehicle may also qualify for a Lemon Law claim in California if it’s undergone repeated failed repair attempts. The manufacturer must refund the amount you’ve paid toward your lease or replace the vehicle with one of similar make and value.

How Long Is the Lemon Law Process in California?

Most Lemon Law claims take several months to complete. Some cases may resolve more quickly when the owner has ample evidence of failed repair attempts. Other cases become more complex when a manufacturer disputes the cause or existence of the defect. The normal timeline of a Lemon Law claim ranges from a few weeks to six months.

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If your vehicle meets the state’s requirements for a refund, the Lemon Law attorneys in Newport Beach are ready to help streamline your case for a prompt resolution. No one should be stuck with a lemon. Call Young & Young APC today so we can hear about your car’s defects and take action.