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When you purchase or lease a new vehicle, you have a right to expect what the manufacturer promises in exchange for your significant expenditure—safe, reliable transportation. If your new car or truck spends more time in the repair shop than on the road, the Costa Mesa Lemon Law attorneys at Young & Young APC understand your frustration. We offer a solution through the California Lemon Law which requires manufacturers of defective vehicles to buy back or replace a lemon vehicle with a refund of the buyer’s down payment and total monthly payments they’ve already made, plus payoff of any vehicle loan balance. Call Young & Young APC today to begin a strategy for prompt action.

Why Choose Us at Young & Young APC?

Young & Young APC has spent decades securing millions of dollars in refunds for our Lemon Law clients, including in Costa Mesa Lemon Law claims. We offer significant advantages for anyone seeking a resolution for a defective vehicle, including the following:

  • Free evaluations with no required office visit
  • Individualized attention to your unique case as well as the legal minds of the entire team working toward the best possible solution
  • A 99% success rate to put a strong voice behind your claim
  • No attorney’s cost—we take our fees directly from the manufacturer

We are a results-oriented team with a passion for making things right for consumers who face the frustration of an unreliable vehicle and a powerful manufacturer who prioritizes profits at the buyer’s expense.

What Is a Lemon?

Since 1970, the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act under California Civil Code §§ 1790 et seq. has provided consumer protection for those who buy or lease vehicles and continue to experience a fault or defect in their vehicle after a reasonable number of repair attempts. Popularly known as the Lemon Law, the California Lemon Law statute requires a manufacturer to repurchase a defective vehicle and reimburse the down payment, the monthly payments they’ve made toward the vehicle, and the remaining balance of their loan. However, the manufacturer is entitled to a credit for the miles driven before the first repair attempt for the defect.

What Qualifies a Vehicle as a “Lemon” Under California Law?

The “Lemon Law Presumption’ helps clarify the vaguely worded statute of a “reasonable number of repair attempts.” The law presumes your vehicle is a lemon under the following circumstances:

  • The defect appeared within the first 18 months of purchase or the first 18,000 miles driven
  • There have been four or more repair attempts on the vehicle and the problem persists, or
  • There have been two or more failed repair attempts for a problem that’s a safety hazard, or
  • The vehicle has spent 30 or more (non-consecutive) days in a repair shop

Under the above circumstances, the vehicle may qualify for a Lemon Law buyback or replacement.

Can the Lemon Law Apply to Leases and Used Cars?

All consumers deserve protection, including under the California Lemon Law. If your leased vehicle meets the above standards for the Lemon Law Presumption, you’re entitled to a refund vehicle repurchase, or a replacement vehicle of equal value. A used vehicle may qualify for a Lemon Law buyback in Costa Mesa if the repairs were covered under its original manufacturer’s warranty.

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No one should have to live with a lemon. A defective vehicle makes it difficult to get to work or to transport a family safely and reliably in today’s busy world. A successful Lemon Law claim in Costa Mesa can get you back on the road in a dependable vehicle and hold powerful manufacturers accountable. Contact Young & Young APC for a free consultation on your case so we can take action for prompt results.