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The word “lemon” has long been applied to undesirable items, but since the 1970’s it’s been synonymous with a defective vehicle thanks to a popular Volkswagen ad featuring a VW Bug and the single word—Lemon. The ad assured buyers that Volkswagen’s quality control caught lemons before they were shipped to showrooms. Today, the Lemon Law in California allows car buyers to seek compensation from vehicle manufacturers when the car, truck, or SUV they purchased in good faith has a persistent defect or malfunction.

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What Is a Lemon?

The California Civil Code §1793.22, holds the manufacturer of your vehicle responsible for selling you a lemon. The law states:

§1793.22 requires vehicle manufacturers to replace a new vehicle, or make restitution to the consumer if, after making a reasonable number of attempts to repair it, the vehicle does not conform to applicable warranties.”

Under this law, your vehicle is a lemon if you have sent it back to the dealership for repairs for one or more mechanical issues and the repairs have not been successful. If the defect is serious enough to lower the value of your vehicle or make it unsafe or impractical to drive, then it’s a lemon under California Law.

Does the California Lemon Law Apply to Leased Vehicles and Pre-Owned Vehicles?

The California Lemon Law protects new car buyers, but it also covers those who lease vehicles in good faith or buy a pre-owned vehicle. If you leased a vehicle with one or more defects and multiple repair attempts have failed to correct the problem, then a Lemon Law claim can refund the amount you paid toward the lease or provide a replacement vehicle of similar make and value.

Used vehicles are also covered by the Lemon Law as long as they were sold with a written warranty issued at the time of sale and the repair attempts were still covered under the original factory warranty.

How To Know If Your Car Qualifies as a Lemon

The original wording of the Lemon Law in California leaves the phrase “repeated repair attempts” open to interpretation but under the court’s precedents, your car is a lemon in California when the following applies:

  • The vehicle was purchased or leased within the state of California
  • It’s repair attempts were covered under the terms of its original manufacturer’s warranty
  • The vehicle wasn’t misused
  • The vehicle has had four or more repair attempts, or
  • It’s been in for repairs two or more times for a defect that causes a safety hazard
  • The vehicle has been in repair shops for 30 or more days (the days do not have to be consecutive)

Under the terms of the warranty, you shouldn’t have to keep sending your vehicle in for failed repair attempts. A Lemon Law claim in Huntington Beach can make things right.

How Long is the Lemon Law Process in California?

The amount of time a Lemon Law claim takes depends on the complexity of the case and the availability of evidence, such as repair invoices and receipts for related expenses. The average Lemon Law claim in Huntington Beach takes a few months, but some cases move far faster. If the manufacturer disputes the cause of the car’s defect, the claim could take six months or more to be litigated in court.

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No one should have to drive a vehicle they cannot depend on for safe, reliable transportation. Unfortunately, powerful manufacturers protect their profits, often by steering Lemon Law claimants toward arbitration which is rarely the right way to go for your claim. Instead of taking on a Lemon Law claim alone, call the attorneys at Young & Young APC for the skilled representation your claim deserves.