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Having safe, reliable transportation is critical. When you buy a new car, your goal is exactly that—a vehicle that safely transports you and your family where you need to go without defects, malfunctioning parts, or safety hazards. You don’t need a car that spends more time in the repair shop than on the road, especially when manufacturers make promises you expect them to live up to.

If your new, used, or leased vehicle has one or more defects or malfunctions that persist after several failed dealership repair attempts, you may have a lemon. Under California’s lemon law, you’re entitled to a refund, buyback, or replacement vehicle. Call the California lemon law attorneys in Tustin today to speak to an attorney from Young & Young so we can help at no cost to you.

How Can Our Tustin Lemon Law Lawyers Help You?

The lemon law lawyers at Young & Young APC understand the frustration caused by a defective vehicle, especially when it interferes with transportation to work, school, and other activities and causes inconvenience and financial hardship. Your attorney from Young & Young can do the following to help hold vehicle manufacturers accountable and put you safely back on the road:

  • Offer a free consultation and no cost to you—the manufacturer of your lemon is responsible for our fees
  • No office visit is necessary, you’ll receive a fast response to your inquiry
  • Pursue your claim with a team with over 20 years of experience and a successful track record
  • Put a powerful legal voice behind your Tustin lemon law claim

Let us fight for the justice you deserve and get you quickly back on the road in a safe, reliable vehicle.

Do You Have a Lemon?

You may have a lemon if the following applies to your vehicle:

  • The repair attempts for the defect occurred within the manufacturer’s original warranty period
  • The problem substantially impacts the vehicle’s use, safety, or value
  • The vehicle has had two or more failed repair attempts for a problem that causes a safety risk to motorists
  • The vehicle has had four or more failed repair attempts for the same non-safety related problem
  • The vehicle has spent 30 or more (non-consecutive) days in a repair shop for problems covered by the warranty

If your vehicle matches the above descriptors, you may have a lemon. California’s lemon law entitles you to a refund, buyback, or a replacement vehicle of similar value.

Steps to Take if You Purchased a Lemon Vehicle in Tustin

The lemon law process often begins before you hire a lemon law lawyer. The steps toward filing a successful California lemon law claim include:

  • Taking the car to the dealership for repairs
  • Allowing a reasonable number of repair attempts
  • Gathering all documentation
  • Calling the Tustin lemon law lawyers at Young & Young to represent you in your claim.

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Despite the clear guidelines outlined in California’s lemon law, powerful vehicle manufacturers often fight these claims. You need an attorney navigating your lemon law claim in Tustin to protect your rights. Call Young & Young California lemon law lawyers today so we may assist you in prosecuting your claim.