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Our Riverside lemon law lawyers have dedicated their careers to helping California residents. California lemon law services are provided to California residents located in Corona, Hemet, Moreno Valley, Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Riverside, Temecula, Los Angeles, and the surrounding areas. Since Young & Young’s inception, our team has successfully resolved hundreds of lemon law cases through settlement or trial.

Why Choose Us at Young & Young APC?

At Young & Young, we prioritize your best interests in your Lemon law claim, not the manufacturer’s or retailer’s. We make navigating the state’s Lemon law system our full-time job to protect every consumer’s right to enjoy the safe, reliable vehicle they paid for, or promptly receive a full refund, buy-back, or replacement vehicle. As your California Lemon law lawyers, we will ensure the following:

  • That the manufacturer pays your attorney fees—this burden should NOT fall on you
  • We will keep you updated on every step of your case from the initial consultation all the way through the resolution of your claim
  • We will maximize your chance of a full refund or replacement vehicle

We have years of experience helping our clients get back on the road in a dependable vehicle. Reach out to our Riverside Lemon law office today so we can begin a winning strategy for your case. When you buy a car, you should never be left with a lemon.

What is the California Lemon Law?

California’s lemon law protects consumers when they’ve purchased a vehicle that’s defective and the defect remains unresolved after a reasonable number of repair attempts. If a vehicle is presented for repair multiple times under its original factory warranty, whether you purchased it new or as a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle, the manufacturer must provide you with a replacement vehicle, refund, or buy-back option. California law sets the parameters for determining whether or not the Lemon law applies to a vehicle based on the number of “reasonable repair attempts.” The state defines this in the following way:

  • If you’ve taken the vehicle in for repairs for the same problem 4 or more times
  • If the defect causes a significant safety hazard and remains unrepaired after 2 attempts
  • If the vehicle has been unavailable for your use for 30 days or more due to its need for repairs (the days do not have to be consecutive).

Under the state’s Lemon law, you have the right to choose a refund rather than a replacement vehicle by the same manufacturer.

How Can a Riverside Lemon Law Lawyer Help?

When consumers purchase a car in good faith, they have a reasonable expectation that the vehicle is safe, reliable, and free from defects. When that car is consistently out of reliable working order, it can have a significant impact on the owner’s life. Not only does a defect impact the ability to drive to work, school, and other activities, but some repair problems present significant safety risks to the driver and passengers.

Attempting to negotiate with a major vehicle manufacturer on your own can quickly become frustrating. No dealer or manufacturer is in a hurry to refund the price of your vehicle or replace it with a new one. A manufacturer is likely to recommend arbitration as the solution to your problem but this rarely works in the consumer’s favor. Most consumers lose their claims in arbitration because the system benefits the manufacturer, not the consumer. In spite of the promises in your vehicle warranty, the manufacturer or an arbitrator paid by manufacturer does not have your best interests as their priority. The Riverside Lemon law attorneys at Young & Young have a practiced touch in handling even the most complex lemon law claims to the benefit of our clients.

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While we enjoy in-person meetings with our clients and potential clients, the majority of California lemon law claims are resolved without the need for an in-person attorney-client meeting. Documents may be submitted for review via fax, email, or mail and attorney consultations are conducted over the phone. If necessary, an in-person meeting may be scheduled at one of our available lemon law offices or a lemon law attorney will travel to your location at no cost to you.

Many areas in California lack qualified and experienced lemon law lawyers. Our team provides California lemon law services to residents in locations where quality legal representation may not otherwise be available. The California lemon law attorneys at Young & Young are prepared to litigate a case anywhere in California at any time, call 833-536-6600 (833-LEMON-00) to schedule a free consultation today.