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When you buy a new car, you expect to get years of reliability and flawless function. Unfortunately, motor vehicles are complex, with intricate mechanical and electrical systems. Sometimes mistakes occur in the design or manufacturing of a specific model, line, or individual vehicle, resulting in the sale of a faulty vehicle with one or more defective parts. Fortunately, California has consumer protection laws in place so consumers who unwittingly purchased a lemon have legal recourse.

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You shouldn’t have to live with the distress of endless failed repair attempts on a faulty vehicle, especially when the defect impacts the vehicle’s safety on the road and puts you and your family at risk. At Young & Young APC, we offer the following advantages to your Lemon Law claim:

  • A free case evaluation with no need for an in-office visit
  • No attorney’s fees, since California requires the manufacturer to pay legal expenses
  • A history of successfully litigating countless lemon law claims in California
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  • A 99-percent success rate and a history of securing millions of dollars in refunds and buybacks for our clients

You deserve prompt action in your Santa Ana Lemon Law claim. The Lemon Law attorneys at Young & Young, APC are ready to put a strong voice and successful track record behind your claim.

What Makes My Vehicle a Lemon?

Since 1970, California’s Lemon Law has ensured those who buy or lease a defective vehicle have legal options available to them. California Civil Code §1793.22 states the following:

§1793.22 requires vehicle manufacturers to replace a new vehicle, or make restitution to the consumer if, after making a reasonable number of attempts to repair it, the vehicle does not conform to applicable warranties.”

The original language of the statute leaves room for interpretation with the vague description of a “reasonable number” of repair attempts. Fortunately, the courts have clarified that a vehicle is a lemon if it meets a set of specific criteria.

California Lemon Law Legal Presumption

Under the California Lemon Law, any car, truck, or SUV with a persistent defect may be a lemon if it meets the following qualifications:

  • It’s repair attempts were covered under the original manufacturer’s warranty
  • The vehicle’s problem isn’t due to misuse of the vehicle
  • There have been four or more failed repair attempts, or
  • The vehicle has had two or more failed repair attempts for a problem that presents a safety hazard to motorists
  • The vehicle has been off the road for 30 or more days (not necessarily consecutive)
  • If the repair attempts for the defect occurred within the first 18 months of delivery or in the first 18,000 miles, there is a legal presumption that your vehicle qualifies as a lemon.
  • If the repair attempts occurred after the “presumption period,” your vehicle may still qualify as long as the repairs occurred within the manufacturer’s original warranty period

Leased vehicles may also qualify for Lemon Law refunds as do used vehicles if they were sold with a written warranty issued at the time of sale.

What Should I Do to Prepare for My Lemon Law Claim?

If the Lemon Law applies to your car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle, you can hold the manufacturer accountable. Call the Lemon Law lawyers in Santa Ana to evaluate your claim to see if you have a case. Meanwhile, gather documentation such as the bill of sale, registration, repair invoices, your manufacturer’s warranty, and receipts for related expenses such as rental car or rideshare bills. Preparing for your claim helps to streamline the process for a faster resolution.

What Compensation Is Available in a California Lemon Law Claim?

A successful Lemon Law claim in Santa Ana holds the manufacturer responsible for selling a car that is a lemon. The law compels the manufacturer of a lemon to refund the money the consumer paid toward the car or entitles them to a replacement vehicle of equal value.

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An unsafe, unreliable vehicle can lead to an accident as well as months of inconvenience and distress. Don’t try to take on a complex claim with powerful manufacturers on your own. Often, manufacturers direct consumers to arbitrators who are not on the consumer’s side. Call or contact the Santa Ana Lemon Law lawyers at Young & Young, APC today so we can address the problem with prompt action and the right resolution for your Santa Ana Lemon Law case.