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California residents depend on their vehicles for safe transportation to work, school, and daily activities. When consumers purchase a new vehicle, they reasonably expect the vehicle to provide safe, reliable transportation for themselves and their family members. When a car or truck purchased in good faith spends more time in the repair shop than on the road or has significant safety risks due to defective parts, the consumer shouldn’t be left holding the bag. Sometimes, despite the promises included in factory warranties, manufacturers fail to make things right because they protect profits over the consumer’s best interests. At the Santa Monica Lemon Law firm of Young & Young APC, we understand the frustration of having a car, truck, or SUV that’s continuously out for repairs instead of taking you where you need to go. Our goal is to hold the powerful manufacturers of major automobile brands accountable. We make it our job to protect consumers who’ve paid for a safe, reliable vehicle but were left with a lemon. Our skilled team has years of practice navigating this area of law with a track record of success in resolving hundreds of lemon law claims for our clients, even against major automotive manufacturers.

Does My Car Qualify as a Lemon?

If your car has had repeated failed factory warranty repair attempts for one or more defects, you might have expected the dealer or manufacturer to make things right. Sadly, some defects aren’t repairable but manufacturers are rarely interested in promptly replacing your vehicle or giving you a full refund. The state’s Lemon Law offers consumers redress in a civil claim when their vehicle fits the definition of a lemon.

California defines a lemon as a vehicle with one or more of the following issues:

  • The vehicle has been in the shop for 4 or more repair attempts for the same defect
  • There have been 2 or more repair attempts made on a defective part or system that presents a significant safety hazard
  • The vehicle has spent 30 or more non-consecutive days unavailable to you because it’s in the repair shop

The California Lemon Law demands that automotive manufacturers fully refund the buyer’s purchase price, buy back the vehicle, or provide a replacement vehicle. The car owner has the right to demand a refund rather than a replacement.

Can I Make a Lemon Law Claim On a Used Car or Leased Vehicle?

The California Lemon law applies to used vehicles sold with a written warranty as well as new vehicles as long as the repairs were covered under the original factory warranty and weren’t sold “as is.” Leased cars also fall under the Lemon Law umbrella. If your leased car has had multiple warranty repair attempts and remains defective you’re entitled to a refund of your money or a replacement vehicle.

How Can a Santa Monica Lemon Law Attorney Help?

You shouldn’t have to put up with a defective or unsafe vehicle when you’ve paid good money and expected the automotive manufacturer to live up to the promises in their glossy ads. Sadly, these powerful corporations prioritize their profits over the convenience and safety of their consumers. Often, a manufacturer just promises indefinite further repair attempts or recommends arbitration as a solution to your defective vehicle.

The outcome of arbitration is rarely favorable to the consumer. An arbitrator’s negative decision on your claim may later be used against you if you file a lawsuit. Instead of arbitration, or putting up with indefinite failed repair attempts that greatly inconvenience your life, a brief consultation with the Santa Monica Lemon Law attorneys at Young & Young is the first step toward getting back on the road in a reliable vehicle.

As your Lemon Law attorneys in Santa Monica and the surrounding area, we ensure the following:

  • That you have a maximized chance of a full refund or replacement car
  • The manufacturer pays all of your legal fees and attorney costs
  • You’ll pay us nothing in the unlikely event that we aren’t successful in securing your refund
  • We’ll keep open lines of communication so you’re aware of every step in the progress of your claim.

Most Lemon Law claims settle out of court, but your California Lemon Law lawyer from Young & Young, APC, is fully ready to defend your rights in trial if necessary. Reach out to our Santa Monica Lemon Law firm today for a free consultation.

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