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Our Silicon Valley lemon law lawyers have dedicated their careers to helping California residents. California lemon law services are provided to California residents throughout Silicon Valley, San Fransisco and the surrounding areas, as well as Southern California. Since Young & Young APC’s inception, our team has successfully resolved hundreds of cases through settlement or trial. Call for a free consultation today!

The Silicon Valley lemon law office is available by appointment for attorney-client meetings, depositions, and mediations. While we enjoy in-person meetings with our clients and potential clients, the majority of California lemon law claims are resolved without the need for an in-person attorney-client meeting. Documents may be submitted for review via fax, email, or mail and attorney consultations are conducted over the phone. If necessary, an in-person meeting may be scheduled at one of our available lemon law offices or a lemon law attorney will travel to your location at no cost to you.

Many areas in California lack qualified and experienced lemon law lawyers. Our team provides California lemon law services to California residents in locations where quality legal representation may not otherwise be available. The California lemon law attorneys at YOUNG & YOUNG are prepared to litigate a case anywhere in California at any time.